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A material handling system from Extraction Solutions is designed to efficiently deliver bi-product or waste materials for processing or disposal. These material handling solutions can be engineered to supply boilers for energy recovery, animal bedding balers or, in the case of our waste handling systems, simply just the bulking of waste for easy removal. We design our material handling systems to not only be energy efficient but to be easy to maintain and operate too.

Our engineers have over 30 years of experience in designing industrial material handling systems. This allows us to offer helpful incites and tailor your system to improve production and product quality. Reliable and efficient operation is achieved in the small details of a project, Extraction Solutions have the experience and passion to ensure that your material handling solution runs smoothly.

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Silo and Delivery System


Large Cyclofilter Dust Extraction, Wood Silos, and Materials Handling System

Material Handling

We use the word ‘waste’ a lot when referring to dust, shavings or any other materials created during the manufacturing process. It would be more appropriate to call this a by-product that, with further processing, can be turned into profit. Firstly, choose an extraction system capable of collecting this product into one centralised location and, secondly, use an industrial material handling system to process and deliver the product to be packaged ready for the market.

By effectively utilising a materials handling system, this previously waste product can be stored, shredded, screened, mixed and processed into profit. Depending on the type of material, this can be baled into animal bedding, bulked for recycling by a third party, or reintroduced back into your own process. Extraction solutions offer expert advice on recycling your by-products to help you improve your profitability through a material handling system.

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Materials System Installation Process


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Vecoplan Wood Shredder


Disposing of waste wood or off-cuts can be costly, taking up valuable space in skips or storage areas. By shredding waste material, it can be introduced into your extraction or materials handling system. This can then be sold as bulk material, used in wood burners or biomass plants, or even briquettes. This otherwise unused material can help put more money in your pocket.

We work closely with Vecoplan to offer efficient shredding solutions of all sizes. Their range of shredders can be implemented in small joinery shops and kitchen manufacturers, right up to large waste handling plants. They offer various screen sizes depending on the required particle size and can be fitted with bullet magnets to remove metallic items such as nails and screws. Whatever your requirements, we have a solution to suit you.

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What is material handling? 

Material handling is the movement and storage of goods/materials through manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption and disposal.

What are the types of material handling? 

There are four main types of material handling equipment these include storage, bulk material handling, industrial trucks, and engineered systems. 

Storage material handling equipment includes the basic shelves and racks where you store your materials between receiving and shipping. 

Bulk material handling is a lot of material together, which requires a large cylinder or a  conveyor belt for example. 

Industrial trucks are pieces of equipment that move material, these can be automatic or operated by workers. These include pallet trucks, order pickers and forklifts. 

Engineered systems are more complex, these are used to make the movement of materials more efficient. An example is an automated storage and retrieval system. 

Why is material handling important?

Material handling is vital for a successful warehouse environment. It makes things easier to move around, find and ship out. It also reduces the chance of a workplace accident. 

Material handling can cut costs with time spent moving things around the warehouse and reduce the chance of damaging products as they are properly and safely transported. 


We are proud of our work and make sure that every material handling system installation is as good as the last. Below is a selection of our work, click the link to find out more or contact one of our experts today.

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