At DSI “three” is the magic number as they give a 3 day delivery guarantee, and if it’s late, it’s free. A bold statement to make, so when they approached Extraction Solutions they said that 3 things must be considered in the design of the new extraction system, “Production, production, production”.

DSI stated that continuous collection of waste from the machines 24h/day 5.5days/week to a single point, ATEX compliance and 100% redundancy were all pre-requisites.

This led ESL to supply a single Cyclofilter system not only giving 60,000m3/hr capacity, but highly efficient pre-separation of the material which prolongs filter bag longevity. The system comprises of 3 duct lines each fitted with a non-return protection device to prevent an explosion in the filter passing
back through the ductwork into the factory. Two 110kW clean air fans, two rotary valves, and a number of diverters offer 100% redundancy to the installed system.

A fully integrated control panel and inverters were included to ensure easy selection of the required plant via a colour touchscreen, and simple fault finding should they need it.

“ESL’s solution from conception to completion was second to none…”

The system is designed to deliver the collected waste to a single skip, which can be changed without stopping the extraction system. Removing such a large quantity of air from the work place can have a detrimental effect on heating efficiency. To combat this, ESL utilised a return air system with automatic recycling diverters. This energy efficient solution allows the cleaned warm air extracted during the process to be returned to the workplace or diverted to atmosphere.

In addition, for increased operator safety, the return air system has also been fitted with a safety device to divert any explosion to a safe area outside. This added safety equipment ensures that no explosion can enter the work area from the extraction plant.

During the design and installation process, ESL’s Neil Parkes & Nick Wright worked closely with the customer to ensure that the plant fulfilled all pre-requisite and on-going requirements.

DSI’s Keith Young said, “ESL’s solution from conception to completion was second to none, on budget and on time. DSI were informed of the status of the project at all times thus enabling us to maintain production targets throughout the installation process. The extraction system has worked effortlessly for the last 12 months and ESL have recently added a spark detection system to further increase the safety of the plant.”

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